Ewen Ponds Conservation Park (SATC / Alex Wyschnja)

Adventure around every corner.

Our diverse and ancient landscapes, coupled with our geological wonders are the perfect playground for an adventurous spirit, whether you're above or below ground!

Kilsby Sinkhole.

No doubt about it, plunging into Kilsby Sinkhole is like exploring another universe, and as sheep graze on the working farm up above, this hidden underworld is as surreal as it is spectacular!

This place has been pulling crowds for decades (bookings essential), and on a sunny day you’ll find phenomenal water clarity as light pierces the abyss, with freedivers and scuba divers drawn by its deep blue beauty.

The only site of its kind in Australia that welcomes Open Water certified scuba divers and freedivers under the supervision of qualified guides, this giant chasm descends 65 metres and is revered by those in the know.

These days, snorkellers can also enjoy the show from the surface (with a guide) - and if getting wet isn't your bag, the local gin just might be... Aficionados will tell you it's as crisp and clear as the water down below!

Kilsby Sinkhole
Kilsby Sinkhole (Jessie Cripps)

Ewens & Piccaninnie Ponds Conservation Parks.

Please be aware that opening times for water activites can change. Check park closures and alerts before planning your visit. 

The magical underwater gardens and crystal clear waters of Ewens and Piccaninnie Ponds have to be seen to be believed!

Considered one of the best freshwater dive sites in Australia, Ewens Ponds is a series of three large spring-fed limestone ponds (each around 10 metres deep) delivering unbelievable clarity, with visibility of up to 80 metres.

Book your 1 hour snorkel spot first online via National Parks SA before donning a wetsuit and dive gear at the Allendale East General Store & Dive Shop (allow a few hours prior) and then slipping into the (rather chilly) water. Or let the team at Dive Adventures organise your snorkelling and diving adventure for you!

Not only is this a prime spot to cool off while dosing up on nature, you’ll also find underwater plants here that don’t grow anywhere else in the world. Oh, and just keep your eyes peeled for the super-rare Ewens Pygmy Perch!

The subterranean gem that is Piccanninie Ponds is recognised as a wetland of international importance, with water having slowly filtered through the surrounding limestone over thousands of years producing one of the glassiest plunge pools on the planet!

In fact, gliding past the ancient 'Chasm' and underwater 'Cathedral' can feel a bit like floating through air, and as fresh water continues rising to the surface it's still carving new landforms both here and on the beach, where springs bubble up onto the sand.

Tip: Kids and adults who are confident snorkelling will love it. But if nerves get the better of you, just pop on a life jacket for added safety. Read our Sinkhole and Swimming Hotspots article for more detailed information!

Piccaninnie Ponds Conservation Park (@hitched_up_around_oz)
Piccaninnie Ponds Conservation Park (@hitched_up_around_oz)
Piccaninnie Ponds Conservation Park (National Parks SA)
Piccaninnie Ponds Conservation Park (National Parks SA)

Ghost Mushrooms.

From May to June each year you’ll find an army of freaky funghi lighting up the woods in Glencoe Forest as they emit a subtle glow after dark - the result of a chemical reaction between fungal enzymes and oxygen.

Take a Ghost Mushroom Tour with Walk the Limestone Coast to see these spectacular shrooms illuminating the forest floor. Tours are conduscted around a new moon and are dependent on the abundance of mushrooms. Just remember to wear sturdy shoes, and switch off your torch to let your eyes adjust before the show!

Ghost Mushrooms Glencoe Forest Mount Gambier
Ghost Mushrooms Glencoe Forest (Dean Weekley)
Salmon Hole, Beachport
Salmon Hole, Beachport (Mark Fitzpatrick)

Beachcoming Fun.

With a coastline that stretches over 400kms from the Victorian border through to the Coorong, it's likely your footprints will be the only ones you see in the sand.

Dominated by wild and rugged limestone cliff faces and giant dunes that are primed for off-road adventures, you'll also find loads of hidden coves, bays and beaches that offer safe protected swimming in an aquamarine paradise.

Golfing Paradise.

If swinging a 9-iron along lush greens gets your blood pumping, then why not grab a few mates, throw the clubs in the ute and head down our way for the ultimate lads golf weekender.

With a Golf Course in nearly every town around the Region, you'll be spoilt for choice with some of the lushest fairways, smoothest greens and sneakiest sand traps in South Australia.

To keep things interesting in-between holes, try swapping your swing for a fling at the local Disc Golf Course in Mount Gambier, where you'll find 18 baskets waiting to be filled.

If you're playing for sheep stations, be sure to head down to the Coast for the annual Southern Ports Golf Week in late summer for a week of competitive golfing fun.

Kingston SE Golf Club (@greenkeeper.mark)
Kingston SE Golf Club (@greenkeeper.mark)
Pool Of Siloam Beachport (Lachlan Swan Photography)
Pool Of Siloam Beachport (Lachlan Swan Photography)

Pool of Siloam.

This natural phenomenon will float your boat in more ways than one… Reputed to be seven times saltier than the sea, taking a dip here is not only the perfect potion for aches and pains, but a uniquely buoyant place to go bathing!

If you're calling through, you'll also find a full range of facilities including change rooms, showers, toilets and a picnic area. So, don’t forget to pack your bathers and a few goodies to tuck into in between swims.

All the Adventure you need.

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