Cape Northumberland, Port MacDonnell (Adam Bruzzone/SATC)

Port MacDonnell

Port MacDonnell is the most southerly town of South Australia, and from here it’s only a lazy 5,700 kilometres to Antarctica.

A holiday favourite for locals and visitors alike, ‘Port Mac’ is surrounded by stunning coastal beauty and is also home to South Australia’s largest lobster fishing fleet.


Ewens Ponds Conservation Park.

The magical underwater gardens and crystal clear waters of Ewens Ponds has to be seen to be believed - it's one of SA's bucket list adventures!

Considered one of the best freshwater dive sites in Australia, the Ponds is a series of three large springs (each around 10 metres deep) delivering unbelievable clarity and colour of up to 80 metres.

Book your 1 hour snorkel spot first online via National Parks SA before donning a wetsuit and dive gear at the Allendale East General Store & Dive Shop (allow a few hours prior) and slipping into the (rather chilly) water.

Not only is this a prime spot to cool off and dose up on nature, you’ll also find underwater plants here that don’t grow anywhere else in the world. Oh, and keep your eyes peeled for the super-rare Ewens Pygmy Perch

Tip: Kids who are confident snorkelling will love it. If they are a bit nervous, pop a life jacket for extra safety. Same applies for the adults too. Get the full lowdown here.

Cape Northumberland, Port MacDonnell (@itsrowanjames)
Cape Northumberland Port MacDonnell (@itsrowanjames)

Cape Northumberland.

The wild, windswept panoramas of ‘The Cape’ are untouched, untamed and unbelievable. Here at the Southernmost point of South Australia, waves crash into tortured limestone cliffs, with the ruins of the old lighthouse standing testament to the forces of nature.

This place is full of coastal drama, with steep rock stacks isolated in their beauty holding court in the ocean’s cauldron (just check out the Instagram love this place gets!).

4WD enthusiasts will relish a drive along the stunning beaches, while photographers can’t miss the chance to capture an epic sunrise or sunset.

Picaninnie Ponds Conservation Park.

This subterranean gem that is Picanninie Ponds, is recognised as a wetland of international importance, and with water having slowly filtered through the surrounding limestone over thousands of years, the result is one of the glassiest plunge pools on the planet!

In fact, gliding past the ancient 'Chasm' and underwater 'Cathedral' is a bit like floating through air, and as freshwater continues rising to the surface it's still carving new landforms - both here and down on the beach, where springs bubble onto the sand. Check this article for all the details.

Piccaninnie Ponds Conservation Park (National Parks SA)
Piccaninnie Ponds Conservation Park (National Parks SA)

Forage on the Coast.

Join Ken Jones, local Boandik Elder, on a  foraging journey to identify, touch and taste some of the finest bush foods along the incredible Port McDonnell coastline.

You'll be surprised by the incredible flavours that are growing right in front of you as you explore nature's own supermarket.

You'll also take a look into nature's chemist  and discover coastal bush medicines that were used by the Boandik people many years ago. You’ll never look at a humble plant in the same way again!

Be inspired and discover natural artwork along the way, and regain your appreciation for mother nature and the beauty she creates.

Learn local legends and stories along the way, including the magnificent 'Sunken Forest' tale.

Ken will also share with you some of the local Boandik language along the way!

Ken Jones, Forage On The Coast Tour, Port MacDonnell
Ken Jones, Forage On The Coast Tour, Port MacDonnell
Port MacDonnell Fishing Charters
Port MacDonnell Fishing Charters

Fishing Charters.

Keen anglers will find superb fishing all along our coastline, with over 400 kilometres of Southern Ocean frontage delivering some of the best hauls in the country.

In Port MacDonnell, hop on board with Extreme Marine Charters or Port MacDonnell Fishing Charters, who’ll take you to where they’re biting at any time of year.

Depending on the season you can expect to pull in anything from Tuna and Albacore to Snapper, Shark, Ling, Trevella and more. With ‘Port Mac’ being home to South Australia’s largest lobster fishing fleet, you might also try pulling up a pot for an extra special prize.

Port MacDonnell Maritime Museum.

Celebrating the area’s rich seafaring history, the Port MacDonnell Maritime Museum  - chock-full of barnacle-encrusted bells, cannons and curious treasures from around the area - is a prime spot to school up on some of the area’s most infamous local shipwrecks.


Port MacDonnell Maritime Museum
Port MacDonnell Maritime Museum
Dingley Dell Cottage Port MacDonnell
Dingley Dell Cottage Port MacDonnell

Dingley Dell Conservation Park & Cottage.

‘Dingley Dell’, the cottage of famous 19th century poet, Adam Lindsay Gordon is a must-visit for history buffs.

Perched in an idyllic bush setting in Dingley Dell Conservation Park, this quaint little cottage was home to Gordon from 1864 until 1867, it’s from here that he penned some of his most widely published works.

Whilst open on some selected days, it's still certainly worth a visit, and wander around the gardens.

Speak to a Port MacDonnell Local.

We know visitors have the best time when they have all the information. Below is just a few frequently asked questions about time best spent in Port MacDonnell, but if you still have a question left unanswered, then the team at Port MacDonnell Visitor Information Outlet would love to hear from you!

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