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We know there is nothing like local knowledge when it comes to planning a holiday, so take a look at these carefully curated stories and travel tips to help plan your trip!

Our diverse and ancient landscapes, coupled with our geological wonders are the perfect playground for an adventurous spirit, whether you’re above or below ground!

From incredibly clear sinkholes to magical subterranean gardens, through to our precious national parks (yes we have 8!) and 400kms worth of golden beaches, dunes and limestone cliffs, our lands and waters can be climbed, explored and conquered, with activities abound for young and old, and all abilities.

So dive on in to our stories where you can learn just how you can immerse yourself in our backyard, and come away with a new skill, and a new, refreshed perspective.

Our Latest Stories

Best Beaches in the Limestone Coast

From Coorong to Kingston, Robe to Beachport and Port MacDonnell, the Limestone Coast has some of Australia’s best beaches. Here’s our favourites, which will soon be yours!

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Best Scenic Drives on The Limestone Coast

With a 400-kilometre coastline, world-famous wine country and a rich volcanic landscape, the Limestone Coast is home to some of Australia’s best scenic drives.

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Best Short Walks in the Limestone Coast

With some of the country’s most magnificent wilderness, lakes, beaches, forests and caves sitting right here in our backyard, taking a walk on the wild side is almost a rite-of-passage around these parts.

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Fishing in the Limestone Coast

With over 400 kilometres of Southern Ocean frontage, the Limestone Coast is an angler’s paradise. Here’s our favourite fishing spots!

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How to do Winter in the Limestone Coast

We’re basically made for winter down here, if you’re looking for a snug escape with a little romance and a whole lot of cosy vibes then you’ve come to the right place.

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Nurture, nourish and restore your soul in the Limestone Coast

Soothe your soul, recharge your battery and embrace life to its fullest. Reconnect to nature and restore your inner balance in the Limestone Coast!

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On Tour with Your Teens + Tweens

So you’ve convinced your tweens to take a holiday with you. Go you! Here’s our tips for keeping your tweenies and teenies entertained on your next holiday!

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Play and Stay in the Limestone Coast: Our Best Playgrounds

From Millicent and Mount Gambier to Robe and Beachport, a family road trip to the Limestone Coast is never complete without a stop at a local playground!

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Road Trips for Young Families in the Limestone Coast

To take the stress out of planning your next ‘family friendly’ holiday with your cherubs, we’ve curated some memory making experiences for both you and the kids!

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Sinkhole and Swimming Hotspots of the Limestone Coast

With a volcanic landscape filled with sinkholes, caves, ponds and lakes, the Limestone Coast is a swimming and diving paradise.

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Summer Secrets: How to Beat the Heat Beyond the Beach

Our stunning coastline is a genuine magnet for sun-loving families, but it’s good to know there’s places you can cool down away from the sand and surf!

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Take Me Too! Our Guide to a Pet Friendly Holiday in the Limestone Coast

The Limestone Coast is one of the most dog friendly regions in the nation. Here’s a few ideas to get those tails wagging…

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