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One of South Australia’s most significant rural centres, Millicent is steeped in rich Aboriginal and pioneering history, surrounded by fertile farmlands and timber industry.

It’s also a perfect spot to base yourself to explore a number of major natural and historical attractions in and around the south coast.


Tantanoola Caves Conservation Park.

Ancient and awesome, the Tantanoola Caves Conservation Park is one of few wheelchair accessible caves in Australia, and as those who’ve scratched beneath the surface can attest… it’s also one of the most spectacular!

This subterranean stunner was stumbled upon by a 16-year-old boy after his rabbit-finding ferret disappeared down a hole while hunting back in 1930.

Left behind by the retreating sea hundreds of thousands of years ago, the surreal stalactites and wedding cake formations are as colourful as they are prehistoric, with a kaleidoscope of peach, pink, brown and cream awaiting those who venture down under. 

Tantanoola Caves
Tantanoola Caves
Mayura Station
Mayura Station (SATC)

Mayura Station.

Just out of town, the legendary Mayura Station is home to the nation’s only full-blood Wagyu beef, and a genuine culinary celebrity in every sense.

Feeding their highly prized cattle a high-fat diet of anything from chocolate and jellybeans to lollies and biscuits, the end result is a paddock-to-plate dining experience that’ll take you straight to carnivore heaven.

Canunda National Park.

Ringed by dramatic cliffs and shimmering white beaches, Canunda National Park has been blessed with Mother Nature’s full bag of tricks.

This pristine paradise is peppered with stunning limestone stacks and offshore reefs, with its dense bushland and dunes being frequented by the Buandig Peoples for thousands of years.

Revered by four-wheel-drivers, anglers and campers, this is also a prime spot to ditch the bitumen and follow the markers through the dunes and beaches, which rewards those looking to get off-track.

Many a ship has been claimed by the rugged Limestone Coast over the decades (101 vessels to be exact!), and none more visible than at the tiny hamlet of Carpenter Rocks. Head out to Cape Banks Lighthouse to find the region's most notable and tragic shipwrecks - the Pisces Star.

Carpenter Rocks, Canunda National Park
Carpenter Rocks, Canunda National Park (KaZKaptureZ)
Millicent National Trust Museum
Millicent National Trust Museum

Millicent National Trust Museum.

Regarded as one of South Australia’s largest and best local museums, the Millicent National Trust Museum is a literal story book of local history, offering a fascinating glimpse into the area’s Aboriginal culture as well it’s early pioneering roots.

As you’re strolling through, you’ll find a sizeable collection of farm machinery and horse-drawn carriages and wagons along with rare treasures including an emu egg football cup, original fabric from Queen Victoria’s gown - and scales that have weighed almost every baby born in town!

Woakwine Range Wind Farm Tourist Drive.

Something just a little bit different, the Woakwine Range Wind Farm Tourist Drive weaves its way past dozens of giant wind turbines, skirting the largest wind farm in the Southern Hemisphere.

Along the way you’ll swing past Lake Bonney - South Australia's largest fresh water lake, Tantanoola Caves - one of South Australia's most beautiful caves and the stunning coastal beauty of Canunda National Park.

Woakwine Range Wind Farm Tourist Drive
Woakwine Range Wind Farm Tourist Drive (Once There Was Time)

Street Art.

For something totally different, you’ll also want to keep your eyes peeled for public art in this town, where a walk along George Street is a kaleidoscope of colour.

With a series of murals painted on some of the town’s most historic buildings, new works appear almost constantly, decking out anything from bank buildings to skate parks.

The Wall Of The Water Goddess, Mimby Jones Robinson Art, Millicent
The Wall Of The Water Goddess, Mimby Jones Robinson Art, Millicent (@streetartmelbourneandbeyond)
Millicent Swimming Lake
Millicent Swimming Lake (Graeme Mellor)

Millicent Swimming Lake.

If you’re visiting over summer, it’s always worth plonking down a towel at Millicent Swimming Lake.

Open annually from 1st December to 31st March, it’s a great spot to dangle your toes or graze on the grass, with picnics and pool toys a must.

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