The Obelisk, Robe (Ben Goode)


If long dreamy beaches and extra-long lunches are the key ingredients to your next holiday, then time spent in Robe will be one to fill the memory bank.

This cute but classy seafaring village has been an international port since the 19th century, and was the landing pad for Chinese Immigrants in the 1800s drawn to Australia in search of gold.

With its unique historical landmarks glittered throughout the town, and the pristine Guichen Bay gleaming more days that not, its easy to spend a week or two living like a local to soak it all in!


Robe's Long Beach.

Finding a little elbow room comes pretty easy at Long Beach, so it’s the perfect addition to your social distancing friendly holiday.

With the sun radiating across glistening white sand and the salty breeze in your hair, you’ll find a drive along this aquamarine dream is the stuff of summer legends (when the sand’s firm of course!), and is also the perfect cricket pitch for the annual family Ashes test. At 14km in length it’s also a great spot to kick back and dangle a line with whiting, flathead, salmon, mullet, garfish and the odd snapper all frequenting these waters.

If you’ve got whipper-snappers in tow, then enrol them in Charlies Surf School, Not only do they supply all the gear, including board, wax and wetsuit, they’ll also leave your grommets beaming from ear to ear after riding waves with the best in the business!

Cape Dombrey Robe Obelisk
Cape Dombrey Robe Obelisk (Mark Fitzpatrick)

Coastal Trails &
Cape Dombey Obelisk.

Built in 1852 the Obelisk is important landmark this sea-faring village. Originally used as a navigation beacon for passing ships as well as a storage point for rocket lifesaving gear, it stands testament to Robe’s rich maritime pedigree.
The best view of this incredible beacon is along Robe’s Coastal trail which connects the Robe Lighthouse, the Old Robe Gaol Ruins, and the Obelisk to the town centre, and then all the way along Guichen Bay to Long Beach – be sure to pack water and walking shoes to do the whole walk, it could take a couple hours!

Little Dip Conservation Park and Nora Creina.

Explore the back beaches of Robe at Little Dip Conservation Park and enjoy some of the most beautiful 4WD tracks in the Limestone Coast. While the dunes are exciting, the coastline is the main show – with its rugged limestone cliffs, stony reefs and tide pools waiting to be explored.

At Nora Creina Bay, you will find powder white sand and safe swimming along the long stretch of beach, this quaint little spot’s home to just a handful of beach shacks and holiday houses, and at certain times of the year, you’re likely to get the place pretty much to yourself!

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Little Dip Conservation Park (@jrodcaptures)
Bermingham Cottage Robe (Kristal Baker Photographer)
Bermingham Cottage Robe (Kristal Baker Photographer)

Robe’s Heritage Trail & Historical Interpretation Centre

A stop at the Historical Interpretation Centre is a pre-requisite for those who wander here, as this is where you’ll get your bearings to really immerse yourself in all the stories if yesteryear.

The Centre is a collection of exhibits, artifacts and pictures relating to the changing life in Robe community over the centuries.

Step straight out into the streets of Robe and you’ll see remnants of the past in the many heritage buildings and sites across town, including The Lodge and the Old Cottage which are more than a century old and showcase the towns ancient architecture.

The self-guided heritage trail is a perfect way to while away a sunny afternoon, and will help you get your bearings and interpret the historic sites.

Robe Tasting Trail.

Visitors to Robe can feast on more than the day’s catch of local Southern Rock Lobster (Crayfish), with the town boasting a plethora of delicious delights.

From craft beer, distinguished wines, locally roasted coffee, artisan cheese and even camel milk gelato, the Robe Tasting Trail will take you on a journey of new discoveries and appreciation of the makers in this beachside paradise.

Mahalia Coffee Robe (@mcfuzzlebutts.manchen)
Mahalia Coffee Robe (@mcfuzzlebutts.manchen)

Speak to a Robe Local.

We know visitors have the best time when they have all the information. Below is just a few frequently asked questions about time best spent in Robe, but if you still have a question left unanswered, then the team at Robe Visitor Information Centre would love to hear from you!

Robe Visitor Information Centre

Opening Times

Monday - Friday 9am-5pm
Weekends 11am - 3am

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