Little Blue Lake

Mount Salt Road
Mount Schank, South Australia, 5291


The Little Blue Lake is a popular venue for visitors and locals to enjoy a naturally cool swim in a beautiful natural water filled sinkhole. Stairs and a floating pontoon, to improve safety and public access to the water’s edge, have been installed via an artificial cutting in the south side of the cliff.

In short, it’s a volcanic sinkhole in the middle of a paddock that the public can swim in!

The Little Blue Lake is located in the Kanawinka volcanic area between two dormant volcanoes, Mount Schank and Mount Gambier. The sinkhole’s name is attributed to the fact that its water used to turn blue in colour on an annual basis similar to Mount Gambier’s Blue Lake, however in more recent times the sinkhole generally remains green in colour.

The lake has a diameter of about 40 metres, with cliffs approaching a height of about 8 metres above water level and a maximum depth of about 47 metres . The shallowest point is a depth of about 25 metres.

Access for cave diving is limited to holders of the CDAA Deep Cavern grade.
Camping is not permitted at the Little Blue Lake or in the car park.
Experienced swimmers only due to depth of water.
Cliff jumping is dangerous and prohibited.


  • Carpark
  • Family Friendly


Mount Salt Road
Mount Schank, South Australia, 5291